Answer to Prayer

Just a quick note to say one of the things for which I am thankful this Thanksgiving. During the past summer, I began praying fervently for people–or even a person–with whom I could sit around and discuss theology. I was at a church where no one seemed to want to do that–or at least did not have time for it. Then I started attending a PCA church. I was so blessed tonight by some of the college students! I called one guy to tell him happy birthday, and he invited me to his birthday dinner. Imagine my joy when we sat around the table at Old Chicago talking about theology! Then, a few of us went back to my friends Sam and Nat’s house and talked about theology some more.

What an amazing answer to prayer! It was great to have (relatively) young people my age sit around for four of five hours and just discuss deep questions and talk about the Bible and God and Schaeffer and the worldview of architecture. It also was great to see some young men being courteous, chivalrous, and respectful. I’m blessed to be getting to know these guys and gals better!

I’m seeing even more God’s sovereignty tonight. I prayed that prayer close to five months ago now. At first, I thought that God was not answering my cry. But He was–He answered, “Wait!” God has been teaching me that not every answer to prayer is a granted request. Sometimes it is no (as much as that hurts), sometimes it is wait, sometimes it is trust, sometimes it is, “I’ve got something even better for you!” I’m so grateful now that I’ve found a group of godly friends with similar interests. Now I’ll just keep praying for God to let me continue to grow closer to these men and women!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are you thankful for?